Olivier Portrat

Olivier Portrat travels the world as expedition leader, journalist, author, photographer and TV producer on all waters. 


He is passionately committed to animal welfare, nature conservation and the preservation of the way of life of indigenous peoples, such as the nomads in Mongolia, the Nubians along the Nile or the natives of the Amazon.


In 2019 he was elected CEO of the EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle & Trade Association) and in this capacity he represents the interests of the European angling industry at the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels.




Sport fishing in harmony with nature is in the interest of all anglers. That is why Olivier Portrat fights for water and species protection. In addition, he supports numerous initiatives that also aim to preserve the habitat of the people who live and work on the banks of the waters. On his last expeditions to Mongolia, Olivier Portrat documented the appalling exploitation of nature and portrays the changing lifestyle of the nomads there, which is largely endangered by the upcoming exploitation of the huge natural ressources that have been discovered in the past years.



During the past 30 years, Olivier Portrat has spent 6 to 8 months per year travelling worldwide in quest of interesting sportfishing. These trips often were real expeditions taking him in the remote parts of the Amazon, of Kasachstan, of Mongolia or Patagonia. Olivier has never taken any clients to such destinations, only friends. His goal was to concentrate on the fish & fishing, not on the guiding of other anglers. Olivier loves to come back again and again to places where he expects big potential for sportfishing. This is how he has kept coming back repeatedly to venues like the african Nile, the Amazon, Mongolia or Patagonia, all venues where he has spent well over one year of fishing time. By cumulating his trips, he has even spent more than 4 years on the spanish Ebro. Aside that, he has also fished in countries where travelling isn't that easy - Yemen or Iran are good examples for that. 


Olivier Portrat has a unique photo and video library with motifs from his theme world: adventure, fishing, fish, wildlife, nature, underwater, wanderlust.


 Throughout the years, Olivier has participated to numerous filmprojects for television channels of many different countries, but he has also worked as producer & filmmaker.

Association Work

As CEO of EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle & Trade Association, 2019 - 2024), Olivier Portrat  represented the interests of the european angling industry at the EU. Olivier therefore cooperated with the European Commission and the European Parliament in order to obtain the best possible future for recreational angling in Europe. He took a holistic, environmentally friendly approach that serves animal welfare and therefore human welfare.